Monday, December 30, 2013

Site News: Movin' on up in 2014!

Last year, I set a New Year's resolution to do more analytics work, including 60 blog posts. I got through 15.

But it's not all bad! Two big pieces of news for 2014:
  • I will be attending the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference again this year.  I submitted an abstract to the research paper competition, which was accepted.  Unfortunately, the results of my research disproved my hypothesis, and the whole thing's come crashing down.  Ordinarily, that means you would see it repurposed here as a blog post but...
  • I've been hired as a contributing writer to Beyond the Box Score, "a saber-slanted baseball community", where I will be writing articles on a regular basis.
I'll keep this blog open for non-baseball stuff, but most of my writing will appear over there.

Best wishes to all my reader(s) for a happy and healthy 2014!

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