Monday, January 21, 2013

Super Bowl Hype Drive: Naming Wrongs

I'm only going to write this once: it's the Super Bowl, not the Superbowl. It is a bowl that is super. The name was ripped off from the Super Ball, a popular 60s children's toy (which seems ironic given how touchy the NFL is about Super Bowl-related copyright infringement). You'd expect this to be related to the rise of Twitter hashtags, but the pandemic predates the Fail Whale (which, incidentally, is never called the "Failwhale").

I don't get it. No one talks about the "Rosebowl" or the "Worldseries" or the "USOpen" or "Daytona500". Last year's game didn't feature the "Newengland Patriots" and "Newyork Giants". This year's game isn't in "Neworleans". The winner doesn't get the "Vincelombarditrophy".

So please, guys, it's two words, both capitalized. From now on, let's only use "Superbowl" if we're referring to Clark Kent's dishware (shipped with him from Krypton, of course, and able to serve heavy gravies in a single bound), or maybe a really excellent bird of prey.

...a superb owl? Anyone? No?

All right, fine.

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