Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bracket Showdown, Day 2: Where the hell is Lehigh anyway?

"Sir, the possibility of St. Bonaventure winning the tournament is approximately 3750 to one!"

The first round of the tournament is in the books, and my bracket is in enough disarray that I can stop worrying about winning my office pool (which was never going to happen anyway) and start rooting for chaos. Let's go Mountain Hawks!

Anyway, let's check in on our team of experts and computer simulations and see how they're doing:

  • Jay Bilas leads all brackets so far, with 26 of 32 first-round second-round* games called correctly. With the losses by Missouri and Duke, though, he has lost two of his Elite Eight.
  • Leading the way in the computer systems division is Peter Tiernan's high-risk bracket, in a four-way tie for second with 24 games correct. Also tied for second: Common, Barack Obama, and Michael Wilbon.
  • Duke's obviously hurt brackets, as 12 brackets had the Blue Devils in the Elite Eight, though none had them making the Final Four. But Missouri's loss destroyed brackets: 26 had the Tigers at least in the Elite Eight, 15 had them in the Final Four, and Eddie Timanus and Dennis Dodd had them as eventual champions.
  • Obviously, none of the brackets saw Lehigh or Norfolk State winning their respective games (except for Harvey Dent's coin-flip bracket). Also busting brackets yesterday? Ohio. The Bobcats' win over Michigan was predicted only by Bilas and Common. Even the mascot-based bracket my girlfriend filled out picked the Wolverines, and it's tough to argue with the logic that a wolverine would beat a bobcat straight up in a fight.
*- Man, whatever, NCAA. Those first four games aren't part of the tournament anyway.

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