Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Announcing the Feats of Strength Bracket Showdown!

The header on this blog might lead you to believe that actual analytics will show up on this blog someday. For a variety of reasons, that day is not today, and it's probably not tomorrow, either. As a cop-out, I'm taking a page out of junior high science fairs everywhere and seeing which laundry detergent works best* whose March Madness bracket predictions are best.

I've compiled 34 36 brackets from four categories: experts, celebrities, analytical systems and simulations, and a miscellaneous group of controls. The current list is below the jump.

Nicole Auerbach, USA Today
Jay Bilas, ESPN
Jeff Borzello, CBS Sports
Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports
Gregg Doyel, CBS Sports
Jeff Goodman, CBS Sports
Andy Katz, ESPN
Tony Kornheiser, ESPN
Matt Norlander, CBS Sports
Jerry Palm, CBS Sports
Gary Parrish, CBS Sports
Peter Tiernan, CBS Sports
Eddie Timanus, USA Today
Scott Van Pelt, ESPN
Dick Vitale, ESPN
Michael Wilbon, ESPN

Massey Ratings
Ken Pomeroy
Prediction Machine
Jeff Sagarin
Nate Silver
Joel Sokol
Stat Junkies
Tiernan high-risk
Tiernan medium-risk
Tiernan low-risk
What If Sports

LeBron James
Barack Obama
Rajon Rondo
LaMarr Woodley

CBS Users' Bracket
Harvey Dent (a.k.a. the coin-toss bracket)
Chalk (i.e., highest seed always wins)
Mascot fight

Not all brackets are currently available. As the missing brackets get uploaded, I will paste in the links here.

Details about the scoring system will be posted tomorrow. Check back after each round for an update and see who wins!

Now, I know what you're saying, O reader, because I've hacked into your computer and have a live feed coming from your camera. You're saying, "Wait, what the hell?", but before that, you were saying, "This isn't very scientific! What good is a sample size of one?" And that's true. But like I said, this is more fun than anything else. Everyone makes these predictions every year, and wouldn't it at least be nice to go into next March knowing who did the best last year? Nevertheless, Operation Frantic Googling may yet reveal some past predictions to add to our sample. Rest assured, we have our top men working on it.

"Who?" "Top. Men."


*-I've seen like a hundred of these and the winner is always Tide. Always.

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