Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Site News: FoS at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Quick update: I recently submitted an abstract to the Evolution of Sport section of the annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. The conference, held in Boston March 1-2, is two days long and features a plethora of notable sports journalists, sabermetricians, and front office personnel.

And maybe yours truly.

I found out today that my abstract has been accepted into the second round. The next step is a video submission fleshing out my idea, which will be judged by the panel. If they approve, I get 15 minutes on stage at the conference.

I don't know how much of my proposal I can share, so I'll keep it under wraps for now. If it gets accepted, you can see it at the conference, or once they upload the video to their website; if it doesn't get accepted, I'll write it up and post it here.

Until then, I'm working on analyzing the recent Red Sox signings of Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino. Did the Red Sox overpay? How do these contracts compare to those of Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, which the Red Sox took great pains to pawn off on the Dodgers?

Wish me luck!

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